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It is said “being anointed with oil brings your soul to the surface.” Your body is my canvas, oil the medium and my skilled hands the tools that intuitively know where to go deeper and when to keep it light. Each massage is a work of art leaving you feeling balanced, relaxed and grounded.


Incall 1h $300  and  90mins $400

Add on Male G Spot massage for $50

“Thank you so much for the best massage I ever had.” Phil A.

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My Mastery and Experience with Premature Ejacualtion means risk free and guaranteed results for you.

Take Control: Welcome to ejaculatory control training! Find out what your body is capable of and quadruple your pleasure, confidence and control. Become a rock star in the bedroom whether your single or in a committed relationship.
I have created my own proprietary techniques that are easy and practical. At the end of the session I will show you how to practice at home and how to apply all that you have learned to your sex life.”
This session is a blend of meditation, sensual massage, hands on “control training,” breath work and education.

Your investment is…

In-call 90 mins $550

“They should teach this in school, every guy needs to know this.” Dan K.

This session will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Contact me here to book an appointment moderngoddesstantra@gmail.com





I’m waking up with a hard-on less than 3 days a week or not at all.

I believe that losing my erection as I age is normal.

I’ve tried male enhancement pills but did not like the side effects.

I’ve tried male enhancement pills and they stopped working or did not work.

I’ve don’t want to take male enhancement pills, I’d rather address the underlying problem.

I’ve tried alternatives to treat ED and had temporary results but did not cure it.

I can get a hard-on but lose my erection during intercourse.

I can barely get hard with my significant other but I can with other women.

My significant other is doing research about ED and mentioning it to me.

My significant other has withdrawn, feels unattractive and insecure when I can’t perform.

My significant other has cheated or belittled me because I can’t perform.

My relationship is in jeopardy because of ED.

I’m single and I’m not getting “call backs” when it comes to sex.

I watch a lot of porn and I’m having ED symptoms.

I have ED related performance anxiety.

I gave up on sex.

I don’t feel “alive.”

I don’t feel like a man anymore.

If you answered yes to 1 or more of these questions … keep reading.

I offer coaching for men who are experiencing Erectile Dysfunction and do not want to take male enhancement pills or can not take them because of side effects.
I take the mystery out of ED by showing you the cause and effect relationship of your lifestyle choices and how those choices impact sexual function and performance.
I then guide you to make healthy choices that put the power back in your hands to create optimal health and your ability to get an stay hard at any age with any health condition.
I have a 100% success rate even with challenging cases like Parkinson’s and Diabetes. My work is doctor approved.

Get your confidence, health and manhood back!

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*Rates are based on Experience, Skill, Appearance, Results, Impact, Professionalism, Environment, Cleanliness, Organic Products and upgrading to my private new upscale hillside sanctuary.