I came to you because I was feeling dead inside after dealing with a divorce.
During the session I felt a connection to my masculine warrior nature and outside of my cock buzzed with electricity.
I left feeling more potent as a man.

— Remmy 44


I wanted to say thank you so much for seeing me today and being very caring.
It means a lot to me, it really does.
I know that it is something that I can carry without me throughout my life now.
I often don’t speak to much, but I wanted to take the time to say thank you.

— Jay 32


Shana is Viagra and Ecstasy and in one dose!

— Robert 48



My sessions with Shana brought forth aspects of Tantra that I’ve long considered to be myth or superstition to life, right before my eyes, and deep in the networks and cells of my body.

— Mateo 27



Every guy in his 20’s needs to learn this!

— Christian 27



Shana kept me off Viagra after having radiation treatments for prostate cancer and I am still functioning fine 6 years later. Since post treatment counseling is virtually non existent, Shana provides a service that is a must for any prostate cancer survivor.

—Thomas 59



That was the most heavenly hour of sinful bliss that I have ever experienced.

—Jack 42



I live in India and have been on the tantric path for many years. I have traveled the world to seek out the best Tantra teachers. I come to Los Angeles just to work with Shana. She is “real” and has embodied even the deepest teachings of tantra.

—Naasih 52



Wow! I wasn’t expecting a real massage.

—Dennis 37